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Wealthy Doctors Membership

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Now for the first time, Unknown, undiscovered & underutilized Practice building strategies & secrets available to you

Dear Doctor, Presenting Practice Management & Growth Program Now you can utilize the time-tested & proven strategies & tactics & ideas in your own Practice, clinic, hospital. It will help you in getting 3 major benefits –

You'll attract & maintain quality patients

( quality patients means patients who respect you, who listen & follow you, who pay you promptly & happily with whom you enjoy your time.)

You'll grow & manage your Practice to its actual potential earning great profits

You'll get more free time for yourself & your family

  ( Pl remember – this quality time is more important than all the money you earn.)

Because this could be very beneficial for your personal & professional life. This program can literally change the way you Medical Practice . . . just like 100s of other Doctors.

Component 1 - Practice management Newsletter

I will buy FULL 12 month?s subscription to this newsletter. Every month you?ll get an issue of this one & only newsletter devoted completely to growth & management of medical practice. You?ll get 12 issues of this newsletter in next 12 months. Your first complimentary issue is with this letter.

Component 4 - Practice Maps

I told you I will be guiding you all the way. Practice Maps are just one of the innovative tool that I use in helping Doctos. These are maps- that gives step-by-step instructions for specific task or strategies. Once you see this, you will fall in love with this.

Component 7 - Audio Programs

Every month I record 2 audio programs covering various topics that are related to your success. Sometimes it is some strategy, sometimes it is about your staff & so on. It’s just like me conducting very personal seminar program for you. Doctor clients use this in variety of ways.

Component 2 - 52 weeks of strategies & tactics

To help you grow your practice every week you?ll receive 1 strategic secret which will help you in getting all the above benefits I mentioned above. In a print & ink format you?ll get this dispatched to you. Normally, even one of these ideas could transform your business completely.

Component 5 - Medical Practice Boosters

Every week I send you one SMS on your mobile phone. I call this Practice Boosters. The purpose of these boosters is just that – to boost your motivation & remind you about the various things that you need to do in your Medical Practice.

Component 8 - Transcript of Audio Programs

Some Doctors want to read & learn. For them I provide transcript of the above audio program every month. That way you can highlight or take notes while reading. It makes implementation just so much easier.

Component 3 - 52 Email questions answered

Because of the busy schedule I operate on, many a times I am not available directly on phone to you. So for those times, I have started email question & answer sessions. Every week you can ask me any question that is bothering you by email. Normally within 2 days, I shall answer the question.

Component 6 - Successful Case Studies

At any given time I am working with hundreds of Doctors & Dentists. So I have huge archive of what worked & what not. Every month I share with you 2 such case studies. This way you also come to know what other successful Doctors are doing.

Component 9 - Special Reports

Almost every month I keep on publishing either special reports or white papers. As member of PMGP Platinum Group, you will receive all those reports -without any additional charges.

So you’re getting all these things every month for a very small investment. Individually purchased this all will cost you at least Rs 25,000 in a month. But today I am offering you this at great bargain. I’ll tell you about it a little later. But that’s not all. You’ll get many-many benefits from this Practice Management & Growth Program PMGP program.

Before telling you about the other additional benefits, let me tell you a bit about myself – in short. I am Rajesh Gurule – Nasik’s leading consultant. Since last 8 years I help my clients grow their business & their profits. I work in various industries. In your medical field, I have worked with 100+ prominent Doctors in Nasik. ( I cannot tell you their names because of non-disclosure agreements.) Also, I am NOT a Doctor or paramedic – still I am writing you a letter about consulting & growing your medical Practice.

There is a reason for this. In fact I am not from medical profession is your biggest advantage. Because I am not tied up with the various concepts or misconcepts in medical field about managing & building a great Practice. I bring to the table, my experience from various industries. And that’s the reason I can be more effective than anybody form the medical field. So that’s about me. Now let’s talk about other benefits which I promised –that you will get by reading this letter.

Additional Benefits of Medical Practice Management & Growth Program

  • How to get your patients to keep sending you a constant stream of money every month
  • How to get tons of new referral patients
  • Many strategies to effectively manage & run your Practice
  • Tactics & techniques to grow your Practice to it’s real potential
  • Less known but very powerful ways to get free advertising in any media
  • How to make your patents listen you & respect you
  • Getting your patients to follow your advice – willingly & happily
  • How to avoid arguments, disagreements with your patients
  • Getting paid by patients – promptly & with enthusiasm
  • How to make your patients to come to every time
  • How to design your ad in yellow pages to get maximum calls
  • The only cut Practice I recommend – your patients will be very thankful to you for this
  • How to get 30 – 100 new patients every month – minimum
  • Using your staff to do most of the work – eagerly
  • Training your staff in interacting with patients in the proper manner
  • How to increase your income – double it & then redouble it in next 12 months
  • How to get sufficient time for you & your family
  • Delegate – what to delegate & what not to
  • How to make your patients to literally drag their friends into your Practice
  • How to use free report as a tool to attract quality patients
  • The secret, hidden desires every patient has & want to get it fulfill ( tap into this & you’ll own him/her for life.)
  • Persuasion – when & how to use it
  • How to develop Practice management & growth material
  • How to get maximum co-operation from other Doctors to build & grow your  Practice – willingly
  • Why you must do Practice growing activities
  • Why you must attract more & more patients into your Practice
  • Why you must stay in touch with your patients
  • How to stay in continuous contact with your patients
  • How to make your patients to make you respect more
  • How to get a portion of out-of-country patients
  • How to compete with organized medical facilities like big clinics, hospital chains, specialty & super specialty hospitals
  • How to work less & less hours and still maintain and grow the income

And many many more things! I possibly cannot list all the things here, you would get form the Practice Management & Growth Program. Any one of these strategies could literally be worth thousands every month in addition to what you are making. Just imagine if you started only a handful of these tactics work for you. How much more money & how much free time would that mean to you?

Now before we move on, I’m sure you probably have some questions & concerns. So I am going to answer them here-

Que 1- My Practice is driven by word-of-mouth, so all these things are not for me.

Ans – Yes. A great deal of your Practice comes from word-of –mouth & it will continue to. One major focus of this Practice Management & Growth Program is to generate & help control word-of-mouth and referrals. There are many strategies & techniques in the system that you’ve never considered before that will accelerate your current referral sources. And unless you control word-of-mouth, you have no control over what patients are saying. They could be talking about a restaurant near your clinic. With this program you will get a true system for referrals & word-of-mouth.

Que 3 - How long before I start seeing results with this program?

Ans – Some techniques you’ll see immediate results, others will take 2 – 3 weeks. Within a few months time you will definitely see results.

Que 5 - Are these Practice building & managing secrets non-traditional , means non- professional?

Ans – – Non-traditional –- yes. Non professional –- no. Almost everyone confuses “professionalism” with “non-traditional”. These are non-tradition in medical field, maybe. But they are considered very professional & sophisticated in other fields. Also, these are very legal & ethical Practice building methods.

Que 7 - Have you ever worked with any other Doctors in medical field? With whom?

Ans -– Yes. I’m working with many Doctors – Consultants, GPs, Super-specialists, Doctors. But I won’t tell you the names of these. Because before starting work, I agree to confidentiality of the identity of the Doctors. If he or she wish, then they can talk with you about my services. I never mention their names to anyone – unless I have their permission.

Que 2- Will all of this work for me in my area of the expertise? My patients & my field is very different.”

Ans – Patients are patients. And they all behave emotionally & psychologically in the same manner. So it doesn’t matter what field you are in. these concepts work in all the fields.

Que 4 - How much do these methods & strategies will cost me to implement?

Ans– – The investment will vary from ZERO to few hundred or few thousand rupees. Of course, we’ll begin with the strategies that are ‘no cost or low cost initially. Then once you getting results, you can move on to the more expensive elements. But there’s lots of strategies given which will cost you very less. But there’s one important angle to think about this. You must focus on how much returns you get from the investment, not how much you spend. So for example, you spend 10,000 & you got back 20,000 then you must do it again & again & again.

Que 6 – Will the strategies hurt me or my reputation even in a slightest way?

Ans – – The answer is a huge NO. on the contrary, it will enhance your image & your reputation among your patients and your colleagues, too.

Similarly, when you start getting this, I will NOT tell other Doctors that you’re using my services. I guess I’’ve answered most of the questions that can come to your mind. If you have anything on your mind, do call me.

Now coming back to Practice Management & Growth Program -–

Growing & managing your Practice with this program with this program becomes so simple…. Just consider how much additional money you will earn by working less. And how much time you will get to enjoy with your family or for yourself.

Your investment

 OK Rajesh, I’m convinced this is good for me. But now tell me how much does this all cost to me? Instead of thinking cost, you should think about this as an investment. In two ways –

  1. How much more returns you will get from this? &
  2. How much you are losing each & every day by not participating in this unique program?

If your estimate is a mere Rs 1,000 a day, then too that comes to Rs 6,000 a week & Rs 25,000 a month – minimum. And when you consider the Life Time Value of that patient including the referral values, it could be very well double the amount. It means, every month you are NOT getting Rs 25,000 to 50,000 that you should get.

This is the money other Doctors are getting( which really belongs to you) or you are leaving that much money on the table. With this Practice Management & Growth Program you will not lose that.

Regarding your investment

Routinely I charge Rs 12,700 to Rs 30,000 for my monthly consulting charges + 5% of the Gross Increase in revenues.

It involves training staff, consulting, devising various campaigns, help in implementing them, discussion with the owners, preparing the material. And my clients pay me these fees very happily. Because they get many times profits from the activities I do for them. But I am not going to charge you Rs 15,000 per month. I am going to charge traction that. You can get all the above stated benefits for the next `12 months for just Rs 3,770/- per month. But if you take top 10 Doctors in any specialty, chance are at least 3 of them are in either of my programs as client.

As of writing this, thousands of Doctors are reading this. And I need ONLY few out of them to accept my proposal. Considering my past record, this will not be very difficult. So if you really want to get in this wonderful program, you must hurry. Give me a call to set up an appointment & discuss this issue. All other things are ready with me. So we can start working immediately. So you can start getting back your investment.

And I guarantee you that you’ll get it many more times back. Your investment is tiny compared to the returns you’ll get.

Reason 1 – I am so confident about the results I’ll be getting for you, that you’ll continue to work with me for years to come. So looking for the life-time value, I can offer my services to you for this small investment.
Reason 2 I know that once you experience all the benefits of this wonderful program, you’re going to be a loyal client for life. So in a way I am giving you a bribe by keeping the investments so low.
Reason 3 – I believe the only way to build a great business is to under-promise & over-deliver. And that’s exactly what I am doing here. So these are my reasons for offering this. But I want to make it more ir-resistible for you. And on top of all this, you also get my unique 100 % Risk Free, money back guarantee! I can’t be fairer than this, right?
This money back guarantee is absolute, no loopholes in it. No ifs & no buts. Either this program works for you or it doesn’’t. You are the sole judge of this.   So, that’s all there is to it. The worst that can happen by participating in the program is you will come ahead some 12 , 20 or 30,000 rupees. There’s absolute no way you can lose, even if you want to stop participating in the program at any time.  
But the truth is that, once you start applying these strategies, you’ll never want your money back. Because this program deliver results.

You can chose among 3 options

Option 1 = Single payment

Total annual fees = 3,770 X 12 = 45, 240/-

Discount for you = 5,000/-

You pay = 40, 240/-

You save Rs 5,000 when you pay in a single payment.

Option 2 = 3 Payments Plan

Total annual fees = 45, 240/ –

Discount = 3000/-

1st payment = 14,080/-

2nd payment = 14,080/-

3rd Payment = 14,080/-

Total = Rs 42, 240/-

You save Rs 3000 with this plan.

Here you pay 3 consecutive month’s cheques.

Option 3 = Monthly Payment

No discount.ONLY GIFTS 

Total annual fees = 45, 240/ –

You pay = 12 X 3, 770 By cheque

All cheques are to be post dated on 15th of respective month.

Cheques to be made to our parent Company SELLWELL TECHNOLOGIES. Chose any option out of this that is suitable for you.

So you really don’t want to miss this program. Call me today. Don’t put this off while all the details are fresh in your mind. Do yourself a favor & call me to sign up in this Practice Management & Growth program.
My mobile no. is -98225 45922. Or simply send me an SMS on the number. Just write your name in SMS & I’ll call you back to fix an appointment. Sincerely yours,   Rajesh B Gurule
P.S. Think about this –- if you only get 2 extra patients with this, you’ll get your investment many times back. Now imagine if you can bring 10 additional patients, how much that will be beneficial to you? You’ll be thankful to yourself for such a wise decision.
P.P.S. Don’t forget to call me ASAP to get the FREE 30 Days trial. But you have to be among the first 7 Doctors to call me.
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